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About Us

Bonailie is a collaborative Global Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Community Platform driving 21st century thinking.

We are a hub for positive change that will unite the whole industry to collaborate for common purpose to drive a positive impact on the world.

The platform provides access to webinars and forums to share experience and address industry challenges, thought leadership content, global trends and insights, best practice, innovation and education modules in partnership with industry collaborators.

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Change is now needed
2019 – 2020

195 Countries: $4.5 trillion GDP loss: 62 million jobs left our industry

Partner with Bonailie to support and create a sustainable global tourism industry.

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Connect to ENGAGE

Connect with like-minded purpose-led leaders across the complete travel, tourism, and hospitality supply chain who want to see a shift in the industry.

Unite through the platform to share experiences, address industry challenges and create a groundswell of action that will collectively shape the future of tourism.

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Learn to GROW

Create a sustainable business or industry – shift to a 21st century business model

Join our Bonailie and One EarthTM, webinars, podcasts, insights and 21st century programmes, which will allow you to shift your business model and industry sector to be sustainable for the future.

Learn how to restructure your business for scale and growth and create a ‘purpose-led sustainable business model through our online classrooms and partner collaborations with One EarthTM.

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Unite to IMPACT

Change is now needed. The world as we know it has shifted as a result of a global pandemic and the Tourism industry has been impacted beyond comprehension.

What if there is a way to create and support a more sustainable global Travel and Tourism Industry , whilst also being responsible to our planet.

The networks and groups in the Bonailie ecosystem are designed for impact and to campaign together.

They are there to support and collaborate with other businesses and change-makers to help grow and impact the industry.

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Webinars & Podcasts

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Partner Network

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News & Blogs

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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”

Henry Ford
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