Bonailie x One EarthTM

The world as we know has shifted. Global Tourism has been impacted beyond comprehension and hit harder than any other major economic sector, and the way that we do business will never be the same.

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Bonailie has partnered with One EarthTM to co-create a sustainable future for tourism, introducing growth systems to every sector of the tourism, travel and hospitality sectors and IP to countries to shift businesses to 21st century thinking.

One earth is changing the way the modern business operates

We also work together with their established relationships with global bodies to support and elevate tourism industry challenges by campaigning together and allowing crucial conversations to take place to drive change.

One EarthTM Business School helps build brands, grow businesses and impact industries. Their intention is to inspire the next generation of business leaders, employees, change makers and world leaders to shift the world into a new era.

They have created a new business language, a coding system for growth, accessible to businesses globally, through purpose-led platform One EarthTM that connects business to trade, and through the first real school for Global Entrepreneurs, One EarthTM Business School.


One EarthTM is a platform for good

It’s a place to unite, grow and impact change in the world

In any types of disaster, causes or pandemics One EarthTM is a platform for good to be able to deliver live connection and communication within the Earth and the cities – One EarthTM can connect developed and developing countries together in real time to enable live communication, trading of essential products and connecting business leaders and world leaders together for good.

If we have all learned anything from the global pandemic it’s that the challenges that the world faces both now and in the future cannot be solved by charities, NGO’s and government alone.

It is time to connect ourselves, and our businesses to our purpose to re-remember who we are, why we are here and how each one of us can facilitate the change. One EarthTM is the platform to enable this journey connecting people to unite, to learn together to grow and to trade leading with our purpose to impact change in the world.

Bonailie and One EarthTM

How we can support you


To Engage

Because we are a purpose-led platform, we are able to connect and engage with tourism, travel and hospitality leaders globally across all sectors to collaborate and shape the future of tourism.


To Grow

Access to the wider network and industries, as well as the Bonailie and One EarthTM, webinars, podcasts, insights and 21st century programmes, will allow you to shift your business model and industry sector to be sustainable for the future.


To Impact

The networks and groups in the Bonailie ecosystem are designed for impact. They are there to support you in collaborating with other businesses and changemakers to help you grow and impact the tourism, travel and hospitality industry.

“We know that we can’t let the industry go back to what it was. We need to reshape it into one that is sustainable, for the economy, our businesses and the planet”

Julie King
Meet our Founder