Our Team

Julie King

Founder & CEO

Bonailie founder Julie King is an entrepreneur and industry leader with more than 34 years of international success, working within and consulting to the hospitality and tourism sectors.

With experience working in luxury hotels in Scotland and Dubai, managing tourism consultancies and more than ten years’ expertise as a global tourism advisory and representation business owner based in Australia, Julie has developed a holistic view of the most important areas of growth and change in international tourism.

Her established award-winning consultancy, Julie King and Associates, has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand.

Julie has led more than 200 consultancy projects in 24 countries.

Julie provides expertise in:

  • Tourism Consultancy/Advisor
  • Destination Management & Marketing
  • Sales, Marketing & PR Representation
  • Relationship Management
  • Government & Private Sectors
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Tourism Awards
  • Influencer Management

Leanne Carson

Director of Research and Insights

Leanne brings a range of global research, product development and marketing experience from working in the leisure and tourism industry.

She has developed her career through both the private sector and with national and regional government tourism agencies.

Leanne spent seven years as Research and Development Manager for a Regional Tourist Board in the UK, where she was responsible for innovative tourism research and product/business development projects. She also created a commercial research unit in Dubai fulfilling research requirements in both the public and private sector as well as initiating crisis management planning and other specialised consultancy projects.

Leanne has an excellent understanding of international research and insights in the Tourism Industry and will guide the regular global insights for the Bonailie platform through our partner network.

She will also provide industry sectors with a-number-of tools and solutions to exploit their tourism potential.

Leanne has expertise in:

  • Global Tourism Research
  • Tourism Consultancy
  • Hospitality Research
  • Crisis Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Establishing Frameworks

Maria Parisi

Director of Strategy and Customer Engagement

Maria is an accomplished strategic leader with more than 15 years experience and proven history of working with businesses to help them build deeper relationships with customers to drive commercial outcomes.

She has had a diverse career spanning in house, in agency and as an independent consultant to start ups and large scale corporations alike to build strategies and identify opportunities for growth.

During her career Maria has built a wealth of experience in the travel and tourism space, working with a range of tourism boards both domestically and internationally as well as airlines and other global tourism brands to create multi award winning strategic work that inspires customers to act.

Maria has strong foundations and a deep understanding of AI, digital and data. She’s driven by a desire to consistently help businesses evolve to be relevant in dynamic, complex and fast changing environments.

Maria has expertise in:

  • Marketing and business strategy and planning
  • Airline, tourism boards and travel brands growth strategies
  • UX, CX, digital and data
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Market segmentation
  • Establishment of measurement and metrics
  • Customer acquisition and retention

“We know that we can’t let the industry go back to what it was. We need to reshape it into one that is sustainable, for the economy, our businesses and the planet”

Julie King